Wedding photography by Martin Hemsley, wedding photographer

Martin Hemsley

Photographs you will treasure, from a day
like no other

Photography has been at the centre of my life from a very young age when I was captivated watching my parents with a camera in their hands. As they soon realised that their son was about to launch himself into a healthy hobby, they helped me along the way and gave me my first SLR camera.

That was the start of a long love affair with photography. When I was invited to weddings as a guest, I was of course happy and excited to attend the celebration of friends' weddings, but was also delighted to observe professional photographers at work. Like many guests I noted things that I liked, but also spotted things where customer service could have been approached differently. A seed had been sown, I dared to dream....

An opportunity arose when some friends became engaged and started the search for a photographer. My dream had been burning stronger and stronger so I took the brave step of volunteering for this huge responsibility. I was relieved to discover that not only did I enjoy this experience but I couldn't wait to photograph my next wedding.

I've been told that my passion and enthusiasm is refreshing to find within the wedding photography industry. I think it stems from my lifelong love of photography coupled with my commitment to providing the highest levels of service, valuing people's needs and respecting their wishes.

Martin's photos were excellent - he found creative and original ways to take the shots and we have pictures that will really stand the test of time. We were thrilled with our results.”
-Sophie and Chris, London