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Image of the Week No. 16 - Church Wedding Photography

Some wedding services take place in registry offices, others at certified venues and of course church weddings are still very popular. Wherever the ceremony takes place, there are usually plenty of emotions visible. Either from friends, family or indeed the new Husband and Wife. Nerves, tears, amazement, fits of giggles, and awkward pauses are amongst many other emotions that make up the list. But there is one thing that you can always guarantee at the end of a wedding service, smiles...... oodles of smiles.

Image of the Week No. 15 - Wedding Selfies

It seems as though the whole world has been taking 'selfies' the last few years. Before writing this post I wanted to check the exact definition, and the Oxford Dictionary quotes "A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website". They are often taken with other people included, and located pretty much anywhere including coffee houses, clubs, on an exotic holiday, or even in front of a mirror. How about experiencing selfies at weddings? There is a first for everything, and for me it was at The Wordsworth Hotel in The Lake District last summer.

Image of the Week No. 14 - Bride and Groom Formal Photo

I get to meet many couples at wedding fayres and it's always fun having have a chat with them, hearing how their plans are going, where they plan to get married, what their theme will be etc. It's always nice when after a few days after a fayre, I hear back from a couple, meet up with them again and then be asked to shoot their wedding. Back in the autumn of 2012 I displayed at a local wedding fayre close to Leamington Spa at Chesford Grange and met Sarah and James. It was a fun meeting and one that was to develop along the way up to and including their wedding.

Image of the Week No.13 - Warwick Castle

Many of the weddings at which I'm lucky enough to photograph, are venues that are quite outstanding. Last year saw me cover two weddings at an amazing location close to where I live, Warwick Castle. The chances are if you have lived in Warwickshire whether now or in the past, you would have visited this spectacular attraction. The Castle is not only a tourist destination, but also a great wedding venue option. Not only are the grounds second to none, but inside has heaps of character. This is where this week's 'Image of the Week' comes from.

Image of the Week No.12 - Groom's First Glance

As a Wedding Photographer I find it fascinating to see what photographs people like from their wedding, it is something that I am keen to learn from each time. After all, it is such a subjective thing. Show ten people the same five photos who were all at the same wedding, and ask them to put them in order of preference, I'm guessing that a different outcome will be experienced from each person. However one topic that will often prove popular, is an image that shows emotion.
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