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Wedding Details - Warwickshire Wedding Photography

The previous blog post was chock a block full of people's emotions and expressions at weddings based around Warwickshire and the West Midlands, click here for the link. This next article is the complete opposite, nothing to do with humans at all, and all about wedding details. Sounds fair enough doesn't it? Wedding details are non-living objects aren't they (except for flowers I guess), just there for decoration if you like. So in fact stating that details are less important than humans I think are doing them a great injustice. For me, as a wedding photographer, details have just as an equal significance as capturing everything else that is going on during the wedding day.


Capturing Emotions at Weddings

Apparently an estimated 880 billion photographs were taken around the world last year! That's massive. This simple fact goes to prove that photography continues to grow in popularity. It also means that being original, and shooting differently to everyone else, is proving to be even more challenging. Tell you what though, being able to capture people's emotions and their reactions at weddings are just as rewarding, and valuable, as ever. And this is one of many areas of photography that drives me forward, and is also what couples remark on when they view their wedding photographs for the first time. It's priceless.


Wedding Albums - West Midlands Wedding Photography

One of the many responsibilities of a wedding photographer is to make sure that images are captured on the wedding day, and stored safely to ensure against loss. That means backing them up many times, fair enough, and no problem at all. I won't go into detail how I go about the process during this blog post. However I'd like to point out that even as a professional photographer, it takes strict discipline. So how about the rest of you, how often do you back up your own photos? Go on, be honest, whether you use a smartphone or a compact camera to take photos. So why do I mention this, and what has this got to do with wedding albums?


Kate & Mark - Warwickshire Wedding Photography

Last September saw the gorgeous wedding of Kate and Mark in Coventry, with their celebrations held across the Warwickshire border in Leamington Spa. Their wedding service took place at the All Souls Church in Coventry, and they had a marquee set up ready to go at Leamington Spa Cricket Club. I had visited Kate the day before the wedding, at the marquee, whilst it was being prepared. At that very early stage, I had a gut feeling that the next day was going to go really well due to the attention to detail, but also importantly how relaxed everyone appeared to be.


Wedding Cakes - Wedding Photography

Wedding-Cakes-14I know that the festive period feels like quite a while ago, but hands up if you consumed too much? Yep, thought as much, me too. So I wonder if writing a blog post about wedding cakes is a little cruel if some of us are trying shed the pounds, hopefully not. Last year I wrote a post about wedding flowers, click here for the link, and I really wanted to write a similar one about cakes. Let me explain why I think wedding photographers have a responsibility in recording the wedding cake away from the cake cutting moment.

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