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Wedding Photography Skills in the Alps!

"What kind of a blog post title is that on a wedding photographer's website?" I hear you cry. It's a fair question, and I've a rather tenuous answer. December can often be a quiet month for the wedding industry, compared to the summer months. So I took the opportunity a few weeks ago to leave the lowlands of Warwickshire, and head out to the wintery French Alps. Regular readers of this blog page may remember I love being in the mountains, and in particular putting on a pair of skis. Oh, and of course taking some of my camera kit as well.


Jodi & Stephen Ansty Hall - Warwickshire Wedding Photographer

Jodi--Stephen-64It is great being based in Warwickshire, because there are so many wonderful wedding venues including Ansty Hall Hotel. I've been lucky enough to display as a wedding photographer here many times at Wedding Fayres, and it was also the choice of Jodi and Stephen for their wedding day. The service actually took place at St James Church, which is right on the perimeter of the grounds of Ansty Hall. So you could say that the whole day took place at the same location effectively.

Photographic Memory - 'Houston We Have A Problem'

There are some lucky people who have photographic memories, but many don't, including this wedding photographer. A classic case of this was recently. At the end of last month my wife and I went away on holiday. We were celebrating one of her big number birthdays (ending in a zero), and also our tenth wedding anniversary. So it had been planned for a long time and in a very meticulous manner. We were going to visit one of her sisters and family in Houston Texas, and then have a weekend in New York on the way home to the UK. The day of our departure came, and the office was locked before leaving Warwickshire behind us.


Dorothée & Dimitris Greek Wedding - West Midlands Photography

Greek-Wedding-12Way back in August I was invited to second shoot for another West Midlands based wedding photographer, Steven Gerrard. If you are a sports fan reading this blog post can I quickly point out that he is not a footballer, but an incredible photographer. The wedding of Dorothée and Dimitris was a fantastic event and being a Greek wedding there were all sorts of rituals. The wedding took place at the Greek Orthodox Church near Birmingham City Centre, with the celebrations hosted in The Great Hall at the University of Birmingham.

Lucie & Luke Sneak Peek - Chatsworth House Wedding Photography

In the middle of the summer I recieved a phone call from my friend Cathy, who is also a wedding photographer, and she asked me if I wanted to shoot a wedding with her. I checked the date my diary, which was free, and said "Yes I'm up for it, where is it taking place?". "Fancy leaving Warwickshire behind you Martin and popping across to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire" came the reply. Wow, if you have never visited the Chatsworth Estate, you would know that it is an absolute beauty of a location to hold a wedding.


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